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A Conversation with MFOH . . .

I met Man Full of Holes a few years back, just by chance on a lonely stretch of highway near Taos, New Mexico. I had stopped the car to stretch my legs and take in the sunset. The last rays were blaring down behind the Gorge and I strained to watch for the green flash the fiery disc might make on the journey below, but instead I found myself staring at a most unusual figure. The being was cloaked and hooded, looming dark against the last rays of the sun. It had just – poof! – snapped into being, the body tall and slender, as if food and drink and the normal sustenances of life meant nothing, a being more of energy than form, rather of shadow, not light. Pointing a stick figure finger at the car the being said . . .

Do you see me? Do you notice? Can you focus on what can be?

OK, yeah, I guess I do see you. Yeah, I’m seeing you pretty good now, you’re clear. I hope this guy doesn’t want to catch a ride with me into town. I was planning to take it slow, enjoy the scenery, tune in and tune out, and just drive. The last thing I needed was Dude showing up and being a buzz-kill.

Leaning over the passenger seat, I slowly rolled down the window on the passenger side of the car. It moaned and squeaked, sticking on the dried out rubber. At once the being stuck his hooded head into the car and, extending his limb-like arm, shook my hand. The cloak obscured the features of the being’s face, but his hand seemed normal enough, warm enough, and not too creepy.

OK, I’m shaking his hand, this is ok, it’s not slimy and cold, it feels, well, almost human. I’m good. “Howdy stranger, need a lift?” I say, but not as if it’s the first time I’ve ever used that cornball phrase, which it is. I think it sounded kind of natural, maybe.

The being opened the door and, sliding into the passenger seat he said . . .

If you don’t know me, this time around I’m Man Full of Holes

OK! Alrighty then! ‘Nuff said. This would be an interesting evening. Night settled and we sped along the lonely road, its twists and turns labyrinth-ing through the canyon walls, the wind whistling through the windows, which were cracked a bit, just enough to let in a little cool and dry desert air. The stars were huge, the Milky Way spreading itself across the sky like a downy blanket, come to comfort a couple of seeking souls.

We were silent at first. I had no idea what to say to this guy, but finally I couldn’t stand the silence any longer; my curiosity had got the best of me and besides I didn’t want to give the guy the wrong idea. I mean it just felt kind of weird, driving along a deserted road at night with this guy I just picked up, both of us looking at the stars and not saying anything. It was downright icky, so I decided I’d to the mannerly thing and ask him a few questions, you know, just to draw him out. What follows is the interview, as best I can remember it:

Where do you come from? You’re not from around here, are you? I mean Taos is different and all, but you’re REALLY different. He chuckled low and said . . .

I come from a long line telling tales in rhymes

In the light of the rising moon I watched the traveler slightly shift his position so I could finally see his face. His eyes were glowing, as if a mystery mirror had burned a holographic image into the fabric of time. The man said he had a message to give. A message to give the world, a message that would be the most important telling for the ages.

Wake up from The Dream
This little world is ripping at the seams
Oh yeah
A battle of extremes
Where truth collides with fiction in The Dream
Oh yeah
Wake up from The Dream
Oh no
I can see the future and it brings me to my knees
Am I in The Dream alone?

I took a deep breath and saw the old clips of dogs and walls with barbed wire. I saw burnings and hangings and bread lines and bombs; the cries from kids and moans from mothers over dead bodies and empty stomachs, and heard the sound of marching feet, marchers with signs not guns, marchers for liberty, marchers for rights, marchers for right. I asked him if we were at the point of great change.

I gather my faith, my will, my staff
To join the multitudes
Righteous are the warrior cries
With gleaming justice shields
No more will greedy powers reign
Those moneychangers cannot hide
The mighty people will prevail
Forsake their grand design

Great, just great. I thought my generation was gonna get by with just floating. I’m not up for any kind of revolt, man. I just want to live and let live. I looked over at him and his eyes kind of misted, really kind of teared up, if you want to know the truth. I hoped I hadn’t said the wrong thing, but I’m just not into this end-of-the-world stuff. I’ve got things to do, places to see, people to meet. I didn’t want to get into a downer here. But I figured I shouldn’t insult the guy, so I cleared my throat and asked him what he saw happening now, after the 2012 experience.

We travel on an ancient road
Who goes before
We’re burdened with a heavy load
Who carries more
Walking on The Heels of Destiny
Walk on, walk on

That sounds like some heavy stuff, man and I’m not ready. I just got here, just here to explore and find something, you know? You’re sitting here predicting some real revolution and I’m not here to be drafted. I could see that he thought I was about the most immature goof he’d ever met, so I tried to make my next question erudite and pithy. Well then, how will this affect our world?

Dawn breaks the spell
You sickened vermin taunter
You can ride to hell
With your other three friends
On the holy edifice
The twelve are unbroken
Seers know all This Shall Not Be

Now you’re really scaring me. Isn’t it enough that I have to contend with chemtrails and gas prices? Don’t I have enough trouble just worrying about high unemployment and HAARP? Are you talking about global warming here? Because I really don’t believe that Al Gore crap. I mean, it’s the sun, man. If looks could kill. I could tell I was way off track just by the way his hood winked. He said that the coming momentous changes would be from the death of the old paradigm, the old group think, the old story we’ve all read a thousand times. Well, that got my interest. I mean what, do we live in a hologram or something? Is this reality we’ve all been living just a mirage projected on some kind of cosmic screen? And if so, how did he figure all this stuff out? He tells me . . .

The pattern is a bubble
Of your thoughts and all your fears
As above so below
Let your transformation melt the mercury
Your spirit must be free

Quickened by the Secret Fire
Dark night of the soul
Climb the ladder seven steps
There’s just one thing – one flame
And just one mind – Alchemy . . .

Well this got me thinking that if we’re just repeating patterns here we need to get out this movie and pronto. I mean it hasn’t been working all that great for us, now has it? Just think, if we could conjure up a new reality, we could have a world free from poverty and misery. We could use this alchemy thing to turn lead into gold, if we were successful, or we could turn hate into love. That made me kind of sentimental so I asked Man Full of Holes what he would do if he were at the end of time.

So I face the empty void
Cast away where no life has been
Why was it me
I remain
I remain
Do I Live

So the guy was just a guy after all. Seems there are some really guy feelings there, like maybe this guy’d been around and experienced a lot, and even though he’d learned a few ways to fly into a new paradigm, that maybe there were some things in the story we’ve been living that have been ok, that it’s not been all bad, that maybe it could get a whole lot better if we all just agree to transcend the mess. Sounded to me like the knowledge of the ancients, on which this long-winded guy was only too happy to elaborate.

In the days before the rains
Giants walked the earth
And drilled the veins
Claims the Labyrinth
Deities of twelve
They lived in cities
Where the fabled rivers met
Yet the Labyrinth

The word, labyrinth, makes me feel really claustrophobic, so I pulled the car over to the side of the road. We exited the vehicle (I love using that phrase) and sat on the edge of the Gorge, our feet dangling over the side, the moon setting in the west. I was beginning to think Man Full of Holes was really serious about all this stuff and I have to admit I was pretty intrigued. Just to egg him on a bit, just to see how serious he really was, I asked him, so this labyrinth, is it a portal into the ancient myths of knowledge?

Yet the Labyrinth
Turns where men least expect
Learning truth left far behind
Therein lies the key

Well, at what point do you see humankind at the present? If we’re really at this crucial point in the evolution or revolution of humanity, where are we on a scale of one to ten? I mean, if one is sitting on your butt, oblivious to it all, and ten is the edge of utter no-turning-back, full speed ahead chaos, where are we now?

Chart the golden light
Praise the ebb of morning
Stars fade away – fade away
Hope Does Shine
Constellations lead the way
Hope Does Shine
On and on throughout the ages
Hope Does Shine
On this day

It was really freaking dark now. You could reach out and touch the darkness. I hoped it was the darkness before the dawn because if it stayed like this much longer, what with the darkness outside and the darkness we were seeing within, I thought the two of us just might fall into the blackest hole of all. I thought, man there’s gotta be some way to alchemize this situation, so I asked him how we were supposed to prepare for this great change.


He assured me that what he meant was that you need to use your imagination, your dreams, your ideals to come up with a new paradigm. We need to go back to the basics of creating our new universe, a universe we’ve always had inside us, but because of the same old tired script we’ve been reading, this ideal world has been on the periphery, out on the edge, just out of our reach, making us cry out and long for something we couldn’t quite see, but sensed was there. No wonder we’re all so frustrated.

First elemental matter
For the word to always hear
Then a stone but not a stone
True imagination lifts the veil so bright
The Tablet holds the light

He sounded pretty unperturbed about all this. It was just a matter of fact to him, like he’d known this a long, long time, maybe many lifetimes. He said worrying about making such dramatic changes does no good. You could prepare and create, or you could go with whatever befalls you, but wouldn’t it be less fearful to have a hand in creating a new world? Knowing is preparation, knowledge is power, uncorrupted power is the best determination.

Vanish twice you angel of death
Don’t hang around this door
One for the present
Two until then
Shaving the dice
Eternal the price

Creation of a new reality. As above, so below. Our thoughts determining our reality. Why not determine a positive, human, expansive, creative world and not stay stuck in the limited-reality boxes of our past?

One race was red
One race was blue
Orange, green, indigo and yellow too
We share a code
Deep in the strands
Tick-tock springs the clock
To the spirit lands
Nature’s invitation
Come soar the Milky Way
Just ride your DNA

Sounded good to me. After all, things are not working out right just now. What would it hurt to go on a little detour with all the best intentions? We could intend to stop wars, to end famines, to be rich and charitable and live in a beautiful, giving world. Because intention is born by thought. And our thoughts will attract just the right people and situations to turn our intentions into reality. So man, we’d better intend the right thing, Law of Attraction and all . . . I was beginning to get with the program, but I had to ask Man Full of Holes if he thought humans all over the globe could awake in time to join together.

Hail the hallowed trinity
Speaking native tongue
Seven billion strong by the mercy of
Your universal love
We dare to fight the enemy
Tyranny be done
Our world is under siege
Truth to be won
On the Plains of Esdraelon

The sun was just beginning to eke up over the Sangre de Cristos to the east. The clouds above were a hot pink, but the air from the night before still felt cool. We both kind of shuddered at the same time, as if we shared an enormous secret. I, the young human, he the older and wiser, and both of us acknowledged the enormity of it all. And the responsibility. I asked him, as a messenger, how he fit into this global puzzle.

Fantasy and reality
They sometimes meet
What can be and what is known
All the elements make life complete
Til the ocean turns to stone
Extraordinary anomalies

So you’re the extraordinary anomaly that’s going to take us through the changes by sharing your ancient knowledge?

Do I live to serve my fate
Through the night that came I wait
To the winds all hope I give
Do I Live

Sounds like you’re optimistic this awakening is happening now?

Soon the sun will come
Reaching to the heavens
New brings the day
Brings the day

Jeesh, this guy’s determined, and just about the most tireless guy I’ve ever run across. He’s definitely a man on a mission and so far it seems he’s going it alone. Well, I’ve got nothing else on my plate today. Get in, man, roll your window down. Sure, I’ll take you on down the road. He raised his eyebrows and said . . .

Future History happens every day

I was psyched. This was definitely the weirdest hitchhiker I’d ever run across, but somehow I knew I’d hooked into another time and another space and that I was going to take this road wherever it led. I’ll keep you posted on my adventures with Man Full of Holes. Maybe we’ll all learn something from them.


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