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New Consciousness is as Old as the Golden Rule

New Consciousness Music : Man Full of Holes

When you have an ego whose drive is based on its fear of losing its power, its fear of death, you’ve got a really strong and potentially vicious animal by the tail. I mean, think about it, this untamed beast you’re riding on is charging around in fear of its own death. It’s desperate. It’s frothing at the mouth, hot and sweaty, eyes wild in its terror of its own demise. An animal in that state will do pretty much anything for any cause, to anyone, just to stay alive.

We see this demonic ego-drive in politicians, intent upon holding their reins of power. They’ll lie under oath, they’ll put blame for their actions off on other people, they’ll strip away the privacy of citizens through wiretapping, and email and phone call monitoring. Heck, now they’ve got the post office checking out what magazines we’re reading. All to keep their hold on their power, to satisfy their egos’ relentless hunger to stay in control. All because their egos are afraid to die, because of their fear of the unknown.

So what does this have to do with the Golden Rule? Let’s turn the spotlight on the power elite, and their invasion of our privacy. Of course their communications are being monitored, too, but they’re cool with that because they are in the system and they want to hold onto their power. They obviously don’t worry about their children’s possible loss of their freedoms because after all, they’re part of the elite power structure, too.

But if these guys in control ever thought about the “do unto others” thing, how would they feel? How would they feel if they were just one of us, just one of the ordinary jokers out there outside the power structure? Would they resent the loss of their privacy, the loss of their freedoms through TSA screenings that don’t stop terrorist attacks, or the confiscation of their cell phone records and emails? They would see that these outrageous indignities are not being done to them in order to keep them safe. They would know they’re being done in order for a ruling class of bozos to keep their hold on power, to satisfy their egos’ need to exist, to not die, because of their egos’ fear of the unknown.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” My mom always said that. What kind of world would we have if, at every impulse, every action, every thought, every sentence, we paused for a tiny moment, put ourselves in the place of the person with whom we’re interacting, and asked ourselves, “How would I want to be treated in this situation? Would we have wars? Would there be spying? Would there be loss of personal freedom? We know the answer.

If we were really trying to think about selflessness in this "do unto others" scenario, wouldn't that tame our egos? And if we were at peace with our egos, knowing that we had honestly been the best humans we could be, wouldn't that make us feel we had done our best as humans, thereby doing the final let-go of our egos, without fear, with real peace in our souls?

Do we do unto others as we would have them do unto us? It takes a lot to pause for a moment and ask ourselves that question before we run headlong into a situation that may have a disastrous, insulting or cruel result. It takes being present in every moment, to be aware of every thought, every impulse we may have, before we act or speak or react. It really takes a split second, but for most of us, as we're madly rushing headlong into every situation life throws at us, it takes an eternity to center ourselves and really think about the consequences of our actions. Let’s hope it doesn’t take an eternity to right the wrongs we’ve done to so many, and finally find the courage to do unto others as we would have them do unto us.



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