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Man Full of Holes is all about spreading a new consciousness through music. Now that major news organizations are finally reporting on all this data collection on all of our phone calls, internet site visits, credit card purchases and other supposedly personal activity, what if we could change what we're giving them? Change the data they're collecting and maybe we could change the world to the point where they just get bored? Maybe change their consciousness? Maybe they'll go away?

I know it sounds simplistic, but look at it this way . . . Consciousness has been for millenia, a consciousness of human survival, physical survival, survival of the human ego. We've been trapped into believing this world is the only world there is. And knowing death is out there lurking around every corner, and our perception of physical death being the absolute end of everything, of us, of our ego, causes lots of fear. And that fear of death is what makes us violent, greedy and desperate to hang on to our physical bodies and egos that exist in this reality. And that desperation to hang on, to not die, to not give up this reality releases the most offensive, evil mechanism I can think of: Control.

Unfortunately this control from governments hysterical to remain in power, to not die, to not exist, to not mean anything, to give up their ego, to lose their purpose, is what is now making us lose every freedom we ever thought we had, and especially that most precious freedom, our privacy. For without our private thoughts and deeds, how can we humans expand, explore, create and advance as a society?

So back to my point: Changing the data we give the controllers. What if, instead of following corrupt politicians and airhead celebrities on Twitter, we follow entities that promote spiritual advancment? What if the websites we visit aren't those that promote the status quo of the old paradigm, the old right-left crap? We could choose to visit sites that encourage us to explore different, more positive realities. Bombard the borg with new consciousness thoughts to the point where they know we're off and running and escaping their awareness-limited mindset.

You know they're following all of our financial transactions, too. Everyone buys stuff on Amazon. What are you buying? Mindless pulp fiction, or The Emerald Tablet? Let them see we are escaping their limited-reality thinking.

This 1984 control the PTB have concocted isn't something that can be broken overnight. And we've let it happen because we've been too busy being distracted in the effort to survive in this reality, to save our egos from extinction, just like our contollers have. We're really just like they are, essentially. We've created the monster.

But now that the mainstream press are breaking the story, maybe some of us will awaken in time and begin feeding into the machine different data and food for thought. Thoughts like consciousness awakening, spiritual advancement, and the power of the human mind to break free of the limitations we've placed on ourselves.

Gargage in, garbage out. That's what we've been feeding the machine. Let's give it some good food for a change and see what this control-freak monstrosity can morph into.


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