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New Consciousness Music : Man Full of Holes

MFOH has helped craft and determine the careers of other musical artists, but FUTURE HISTORY is his first volley into the very competitive music marketplace with an album he produced, recorded, wrote, and by the way, played all the instruments on. It’s full of prophecy, myths, and future and past visions of the world in which we live, and by some legends, the world which was guided and shaped for us. But it seems the world we're now living in wasn’t shaped BY us, by the inherent god-ness in us, and that is the thrust behind MFOH’s intent in making this album.

MFOH believes the world we inhabit has been shaped by wrong intentions. He believes the greed and corruption we see everywhere are the results of ego-power, a power which inhibits goodness and the Golden Rule. And MFOH believes we can change the world into a new world order, one that works for all, one that has nothing to do with, and in fact is the antithesis of, the NWO we’ve all heard about and really don’t like very much.

Check out the website. The store, from which you’ll be able to purchase and download individual songs or the entire album, FUTURE HISTORY, will be up and running soon. You’ll also be able to purchase the physical CD package, a 6-panel digipak. It’s really cool, with a 24-page booklet attached inside composed of fantastic artwork and photography by Taos graphic artist, Heather Sparrow.

Click on the “VIDEO” button and you’ll be able to download and/or view the “Heels of Destiny” video that’s been getting lots of worldwide play on YouTUBE. MFOH directed this video and shot it here in Taos, NM.

Not only is the video something you should see, but the “MFOH” button takes you to the recount of the first meeting I ever had with MFOH. Eye-opening, if I do say so myself.

So check the site out today, and come back in a few days or a week to see if the store is up. We hope you’ll join us in the quest for a better world. Oh, and turn your computer speakers on while you’re looking at the site. You’ll hear some of the great music included on MOFO’s new album, FUTURE HISTORY. As MFOH says, “It happens every day.”



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