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New Consciousness Music: Future History

Man Full of Holes explodes with a new consciousness music album, Future History. Millions are awakening and MFOH is the harbinger of this new consciousness rock fusion music.

2012 Music2012 is behind us and there is a new consciousness music symphony singing within our very souls. This new awakening took place in 2012; a new consciousness took hold. FUTURE HISTORY offers up a magical feast of new consciousness music and stunning art. It heralds the end of 2012 and the beginning of a better understanding of the world we live in, deal with and accept or reject each and every day we're here on this rock.

New Consciousness MusicAnd speaking of rock, the album is definitely rock music. It is truly alternative and mind-blowingly innovative. This record is a new genre, what you could call Esoteric Rock Fusion. It's new consciousness music for a new time and a newly-awakened consciousness crowd. Let's face it, we could all use a better way of looking at the world, and this new music release takes the listener on a cosmic journey with lyrics gleaned from ancient myths and texts, and cultural study. But ultimately this new consciousness music from Man Full of Holes is conjured from the stars.

You think nothing happened in 2012? Well think again. No, the world didn't end. But we remain seated on a huge powder keg of wars, corruption, violence and misery. But now we're aware of how deception has ruled our world for eons. We finally figured it out. And with our new consciousness about this world comes great change, whether metaphysical, cosmic or from the geopolitical new world order. We have been illuminated to the Illuminati and this awakening just may have saved us all. With all the hype of the end-of-the-world scenarios, last year we became informed. At least now we know what we're up against, and now our newly-awakened consciousness is better able to deal with it.

More and more voices have arisen to say, hey wait a minute, this old paradigm isn't working anymore. This world of right-left, up-down needs to realign itself from one of inequality to a world of inclusiveness; a new consciousness paradigm is taking hold.

We need to remember that we have an obligation to prepare spiritually for this new-consciousness world, to embrace big thoughts in order to deal with future events. We need to realize that it's the vertical axis that leads to god, not the sideways, bumpy, winding and careening road we've all been on. 2012 was an awareness change. Now it's even more important to connect with the god spirit, to acknowledge our spiritual essence, which is our power, and embrace the new-consciousness circuits that have been there for us all along.

And there's no better way to explore our new path than to experience this new consciousness music from the heart of Man Full of Holes.

Navigate this site to check out my interview with Man Full of Holes, download the new consciousness music and watch the 2012 music video. And it you'd like to see what I'm up to, you can read and post on E's blog. Remember, we're heading into a new end-time, a new beginning, and a shape-shifting of the old paradigm. Get your newly-awakened consciousness revved up and ready to experience the world, with this new consciousness music.

Our journey begins!


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